Distributor Opportunity

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Please give us some information about you and/or your company.  We are always working to spread the word about Vv SkiVvys.

 Vv SkiVvys not only satisfy a need for so many girls and women of  all ages around the world but they are Eco Friendly!  As our world goes on we must look at preserving it for our children. Just one example is how many people around the world use an adult diaper. There are some claims out there that project 65 million Americans use them. Lets think about how many adult diapers are filling our landfills! We do recommend wearing a small pad for cleanliness. But there is a big difference between that and an adult diaper.

We are passionate about this cause. So if you and/or your organization are interested in helping us spread the word about Vv SkiVvys... contact us! 


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