Q: Do I have to wear a pad or tampon with Vv SkiVvys?

A: Yes, a pad or tampon should be worn at all times with Vv SkiVvys. Vv SkiVvys gives you the backup protection you need to help eliminate leaks onto your outer clothing. The only time you do not have to wear a pad or tampon is when you are unsure about your period’s start date or when you have between period spotting.


Q: Can I wear pads with wings?

A: No, pads with wings are not recommended. They can cause wicking to the outside of panty. Pads without wings aid in the prevention of leaking out through the leg openings.


Q: Are Vv SkiVvys machine washable?

A: Yes, Vv SkiVvys are machine washable. Please wash them separately so there is no chance of damaging the panty.


Q: Can I put my Vv SkiVvys in the dryer?

A: Yes, you should dry on low heat and dry them separately so there is no chance of damaging the panty.


Q: Are Vv SkiVvys soft?

A: Yes, Vv skiVvys are soft! We went through years of research and development to make them as much like regular panties as possible.


Q: Do Vv SkiVvys work for ladies with incontinence?

A: Yes, Vv SkiVvys are perfect for ladies with incontinence. They give the protection you need without all the bulk! Ladies also love the different styles and the pretty colors.


Q: Do Vv SkiVvys stain?

A: Vv SkiVvys are stain resistant. They have a unique fabric on the inside of the panty that is a darker color than the outside to camouflage color. This fabric also releases stains as long as they are washed within 2-3 days after wearing. Saving your everyday panties is an added benefit!


Q: Are Vv SkiVvys able to retain large gushes of fluid?

A: No, Vv SkiVvys will not take the place of an adult diaper. Vv SkiVvys are able to give the protection you need for unexpected leaks when you fill a pad or when you leak around your pad. They also are perfect for leaks that come from a tampon. However, if you have mild incontinence, they will protect you from wetting through to your clothing. Vv SkiVvys are designed to help eliminate leaking onto outer clothing when used in conjunction with a pad or tampon.


Q: I can only wear panties with a cotton crotch. Will I be able to wear Vv SkiVvys?

A: Yes, Vv SkiVvys has a cotton crotch for comfort and health reasons.


Q: Can I return my Vv SkiVvys if they do not fit?

A: Yes, you may return Vv SkiVvys if they do not fit as long as they have the original tags attached, the hygienic liner, and they are accompanied by the original packing invoice slip. We want to give our customers 100% confidence that when they buy Vv SkiVvys they are receiving unworn and clean panties.


Q: Is Vv SkiVvys owned by a large corporation?

A: No, Vv SkiVvys is owned by 3 sisters with a very normal upbringing. Our parents raised us while first running a pizzeria and later running a concession stand that traveled to 12 different fairs throughout the summer. We sold fresh dough pizza and stromboli. Our parents had us work from a very young age. They taught us the importance of hard work, quality ingredients, and professionalism. Our parents at the age of 66 are still working just as hard today as they did when they were 30!


Q: How young is too young for Vv SkiVvys?

A: We feel that a young lady is ready for Vv SkiVvys as soon as she nears her menstruation time. Educating young women about what happens to their bodies is so important. We feel that every young girl should have a pair of Vv SkiVvys waiting right along with her pads or tampons so she is ready to have confidence instead of the fear of unexpected leaks the instant she gets her period. We can change the way women feel about their period, so starting from the very beginning is the perfect way. We also made sure to have cute panties that a young girl would be proud to wear.


Q: Help, my Vv SkiVvys were accidentally washed with bleach!

A: Ok, although they are not tolerant of bleach or harsh chemicals, just take them out of the dryer and do an experiment with a liquid that doesn’t have dyes. All you have to do is place the panties flat with the opening facing up and pour some liquid on the inside of the panty. 1-2 ounces is enough liquid. Do not get any liquid on the outside. Then watch the liquid “wick” it’s way around the inside. Once it’s spread around, pick up the panty and see if it came through. That way, if the bleach harmed the panty you will know before you have an embarrassing situation. We have done this countless times throughout our years of research. We always used soy sauce!


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